Give a statue a voice


10 of the city’s most famous statues have been given the gift of the gab. To hear them speak, swipe your phone on a nearby plaque and get a call back from Gabriel Byrne as James Joyce, or Brendan Gleeson as Wolfe Tone!

Two statues await the gift of speech - but what do they have to say for themselves? Write a short monologue - up to 300 words - to tell us what they're thinking! The winning pieces will be recorded by the Abbey Theatre and included as part of Talking Statues Dublin.

Molly Malone
Sculptor : Jeanne Rynhart
Suffolk Street
What does thoroughly modern Molly think about Dublin today? (And does she even like mussels?)

Apples and Atoms
Sculptor : Eilís O'Connell
Trinity College Dublin
How do these gravity-defying spheres feel about life, the universe and everything?

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Closing date: March 31st 2018

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